Our Commitment

We are committed to sourcing the cleanest ingredients we can find or simply rendering them ourselves from local farmers in our area. We have chosen both readily available oils like tallow, lard, along with rich butters, and vegan oils because of their skin loving benefits.

We use a cold-process soap method for all of our old-fashioned soaps to get harder, smooth bars of soap that last longer and are super gentle on all skin types.

The process includes curating soaps that use botanicals, herbs and fruits that we grow in our garden for their skin loving benefits like: yarrow, chamomile, and even carrots to name a few. Once dried, we infuse them into our oil using infusion methods and in turn use them in oils preparations in our products.


As a 5th generation farmer, utilizing the land and what it provides is very important to us! Healthy skincare doesn't have to be this crazy complicated 5 step process, but one that uses healthy ingredients God intended us to use! 

It's our goal to enable our customers to order all natural skincare easily on a regular basis, without questioning any of their ingredients. 

If you're looking for wholesome skincare for your family, you'll find it here with Little House on the Homestead!

Steven + Shelly Scott