Hi! I'm Shelly, together with my husband Steven, we founded Little House on the Homestead because of a problem we needed to solve.
Our beginning started in 2015 when we were blessed with our son Sawyer. He was perfect in every way, but from the beginning we struggled with his problematic skin that continued to be mis-diagnosed. 
After trying all the things without finding success, we knew we needed to get back to the basics and adopt a more natural lifestyle for our family, harnessing plants that we grew on our 21 acre hobby farm.
There we grew and continue to grow herbs, botanicals, and fruits from the garden to put back into many of the products we still have today for their skin benefits!
Ridding our routine of harsh chemicals, manufactured ingredients is what worked for us and our family. It's our goal to help you find that same freedom we found in crafting goods that families can be proud of!
All of our skincare products are handmade in our basement studio in Alexandria, Minnesota. Proudly made in small batches with all natural ingredients and pure essential oils. (No, we won't compromise our values even if you ask!) We take great pride in making, labeling, and manufacturing products the old-fashioned way right here in the USA.
Steven + Shelly