Luxury Sugar Scrub
Luxury Sugar Scrub
Luxury Sugar Scrub
Luxury Sugar Scrub

Luxury Sugar Scrub

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Handmade luxury sugar scrub adorned with bamboo scoop

The perfect self-care item for your bathing routine especially on those long work days. Sugar scrubs not only evoke aromatherapy benefits like calming lavender or crisp eucalyptus, but they also exfoliate away dead skin cells and encourage new skin growth. 

How to Apply:
Rub small amount in affected area in a circular motion, leave for a minute or two, and rinse clean to see the transformation of smooth and supple your skin.

Have problem areas that seriously need a little love?? A wholesome sugar scrub might just do the trick!

**Note: This does contain a preservative, so please make sure you are using dry clean hands, and do not add water nor store in the shower. Adding water can encourage bacteria growth and a shorter shelf life.

Each scrub comes adorned with a small wooden bamboo spoon, a little bit goes a long way + a great gift for well worked hands.

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