In the Garden | April Botanical Soap Club 2024

Experience the Delight of Garden-Inspired Soaps for the Whole Family.

I have been itching to curate a garden themed box since before winter started and this one was super fun! The idea behind the curated soaps was to make an exfoliating soap for this upcoming gardening season, and to bring joy! 

This month’s box soap box is filled with garden harvested ingredients, harnessing dried basil, and exfoliating loofah shreds. It's sure to give you the smell of growing fresh basil with a hint of sweet citrus!

Sooo many folks garden come spring, admittedly I wanted to dig my hands in the dirt come winter... (you secretly did too right?) 

Your hands are well loved come gardening season, so we thought what a great time to get your sink and shower stocked with some exfoliating goodness of a Grapefruit + Basil Artisan Soap. 

The Artisan Soaps

Grapefruit + basil an amazing scent when paired together. Did you know that basil is not only a great scent, but it actually has a lot of skin benefits too??? 

  • It's naturally antibacterial + anti-inflammatory to treat bacteria on the skin
  • Naturally unclogs pores
  • Rich in vitamin C and add's brightness to the skin
  • Exfoliating when incorporated into skincare
  • Said to calm acne prone skin

Sooo... see with the garden in mind and all these benefits, how could we NOT make a soap that helped you clear your skin naturally!


Simply grab your favorite cloth, loofah, glove, alike and make a bubbly lather to cleanse your body. After cleansing, rinse clean, and allow your artisan soap to dry in between uses. This will preserve the life of your handmade soap. 

Y'all told me you wanted some citrus-y goodness heading into spring, so of course I had to pair our Grapefruit + Basil with our Lemongrass + Grapefruit soap for good reason. Both soap are citrus inspired and are sure to awaken the senses! 

Made with a rich Shea Butter base, this gal will steal the show with her incredible lather! A goat milk favorite and a special citrus essential oil blend of lemongrass, lemon, lime, and grapefruit essential oils. 

She is unique with infused lemongrass botanicals + colloidal silver to aid in healthy skin! Did you know lemongrass has it's own natural benefits??

  • It naturally eliminates that "oily shine" women struggle with
  • It has astringent properties for acne + is said to help tighten and tone
  • Helps remove impurities + gently exfoliates


With a damp rag, sponge, loofah alike create a generous lather and cleanse the body. Once finished, rinse well. Set aside soap in a well draining location to preserve the life of your soap. 


BONUSES are so fun aren't they??? Especially when they come in a fun grapefruit citrus scent just in time for summer. If you know me, you know I can't help but give you extras! 

This month we are including a fun citrus garden inspired shower steamer in grapefruit scent. We know that not all folks are bath takers, so we try and keep our BONUS items for members fresh and fun with a variety of handmade items and accessories. 

Not only will this awaken your senses while you shower, but you'll be able to harness those aromatherapy benefits from the essential oil we've paired with the steamer. 


Simply set on the opposite end of the shower, out of the direct steam of water. While you shower, water will fizz the steamer allowing the essential oil to diffuse into the air. Use a little or use a lot and you'll be super refreshed! 

Hope you love this months Botanical Club Soaps, let me know in the comments, which one you are MOST excited about!

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