All Natural Laundry Soap Kits
All Natural Laundry Soap Kits
All Natural Laundry Soap Kits

All Natural Laundry Soap Kits

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When you struggle with problematic skin issues, how you clean your clothes is just as important as how you cleanse your skin!

All natural milk baths curls are not only a 100% natural bubble-bath free alternative to bathing, but did you know they are great for laundering your clothing as well?

Our milk bath curls are a Little House on the Homestead favorite for adults and children alike and a cost effective alternative for sensitive skin and shine in our all natural laundry soap! 

Made with natural ingredients to boost hydration, soothe dry itchy skin, topped with oil infused natural botanicals + herbs for their medicinal properties. Clothes will feel incredibly soft and good smelling! 

What's Included:

5 oz Milk Bath Curls
8oz Borax
4 oz Super Washing Soda
Instructions sheet on how to create liquid + powdered laundry soap

Just one 128oz batch is good for over 64 washes!!! 

**Laundry soap will come in a recycled bag with a jute string.

**Liquid laundry soap will last for about a year + powdered laundry soap is shelf stable indefinitely.

Washing your clothes couldn't be simpler with our toxin free laundry soap for your families + I hope you enjoy it like we do!  Everything you need, nothing you don't!