Whipped Tallow Balm
Whipped Tallow Balm
Whipped Tallow Balm
Whipped Tallow Balm
Whipped Tallow Balm

Whipped Tallow Balm

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Are you ready to kiss cracked, dry, or peeling skin good-bye this year? Look no further than our rich luxury whipped tallow balm... it's oooh so lights and fluffy!

This superfood for the skin, while an unlikely ingredient is packed with naturally containing vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12, which can all be beneficial to your skins health and appearance.

Now in a much larger size our 6oz all purpose whipped balm absorbs quickly, is gentle enough for the little ones, yet a luxury item adults alike.

"Loving the whipped tallow balm. Can I just buy a bucket of it? I'm not even kidding. I'd love a bigger jar!" -Joy K.

5 reasons why YOU need to use tallow skincare in your routine: 

  1. Tallow is a vitamin-rich moisturizer
  2. Tallow does not clog pores for most people, + has a low comedogenic score
  3. Tallow doesn't contain any synthetic ingredients or irritants
  4. Tallow is readily absorbed and non-greasy
  5. ZERO-- alcohol, preservatives, petroleum, disodium EDTA (prevents lotion from breaking down + preserves fragrance), colors, artificial scents, or the harmful glyceral oleate (known to cause tumors, yikes!)

    So what are you waiting for, try out our rich whipped tallow balm today!

More fun scents to come in 2023! 

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