Mini Twisted Taper Beeswax Candle Set
Mini Twisted Taper Beeswax Candle Set

Mini Twisted Taper Beeswax Candle Set

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Light up any special occasion with our Mini Twisted Taper Beeswax Candle Set! Hand-crafted with natural beeswax for an irresistibly sweet honey scent, these extra-long lasting, dripless candles are a renewable resource you can feel good about. Celebrate responsibly with Minnesota-made quality for your birthdays and beyond!

Always remove tags before burning and never leave candle unattended for extended periods of time. Always use an approved heat resistant candle dish or plate and keep away from children, pets, and objects that can catch fire. For proper burn time keep candles away from drafts and wick trimmed to ¼." Extinguish candle when ¼” of wax remains and do not burn for more than 4 hrs. Do not add foreign substances, colorants, and or scents into melted beeswax as each has specific usage rates, if not followed could catch fire. Failure to follow above instructions could result in fire hazard, injury, or death. Little House on the Homestead LLC assumes no liability of injury when improper use of candles occur.

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